New Package Vault Coming Soon Q3 2022

Package Vault is Designed to Protect and Safeguard your Packages

Package Vault- Robust Delivery Storage with Smart Bluetooth & RFID Lock, mobile phone App ready access control (Package Theft Prevention Solution)

    Wifi Security sensor or Bluetooth Lock keeps track of the Package Vault status. Receive notifications with smart home Apps TTLock or SmartHome when your package arrives and is delivered!


    Made with Polypropylene and enhanced structurally to be strengthened with crossmembers and reinforcing corner brackets. Designed to keep precipitation out with a elongated lid and angled curves keeping your packages dry!


    Keep your packages out of sight and Locked up! Package Vault stores and locks up your packages until you are ready to pick them up from your home


    Sleek and savvy design utilizing efficient industrial design with sharp angles that will turn heads and will look beautiful in front of your house. Excellent storage space holding several common package box sizes

How it Works

Simplicity at the core
Order Online

Shop online with confidence. When checking out add Package Vault to the delivery instructions or 2nd address.

Delivery & Notification

Delivery person places your packages in the Secure Package Vault. The wifi sensor or Bluetooth Lock then sends a notification to your Phone.


When you are ready! Pickup your deliveries from the secure Package Vault storage box. We strive to make it that simple.

Package Vault working for you

Shop Online - Home Delivery- Notification-Your Packages Protected - Pickup when you want

  • We love to shop online

    Never give a second thought to package thieves with Package Vault.

    Shopping online knowing your packages will be safe
  • Not home for a delivery......

    Not a problem. Package Vault has your back. Be free to run out for lunch or dinner. Package Vault protects and safely stores your packages from the convenience of your home.

    Not a problem. Package Vault has your back. Be free to run out for lunch or dinner. Package Vault protects and safely stores your packages from the convenience of your home.
  • Delivery Notification

    Package Vault offers a wifi sensor or Bluetooth Lock that can send a notification to your cell phone.

    Package Vault offers a wifi sensor that sends a notification to your cell phone.
  • Pickup your Packages when you want

    Package Vault is there when you are ready

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Why we want to help

My favorite Holiday was coming up and I finally ordered that perfect gift for my youngest child. After waiting forever to get the delivery notice I quickly came home to pickup the package. I went straight toward the front door, but the package was no where to be found. I looked everywhere, but no luck. I checked my video camera and I was visited by a package thief  :-( :( They walked right up to my door and just took the gift that was meant for my kid. That experience made me committed to protecting packages and making sure someone's special gift stays safe! I want everyone to shop online with confidence your packages will be protected.

Package Vault has been working hard to develop an efficient and innovative solution for package theft. We started in 2014 and have been improving lives ever since. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your deliveries will be there waiting for you safe and sound. Experience a hassle free solution or your money back. Iron clad guarantee, worry free and risk free 100 day trial return policy if you change your mind. Keeping your packages safe for you and your family is our number one priority. Never shop online without Package Vault!

11 million homeowners have had a package stolen in the last year

Package Vault can defeat package thieves once and for all!

We have the solution.

Millions of homeowners have had a Package Stolen. Package Vault can help prevent that.

Porch Pirates Attack!

What can we do to prevent this?

The best solution is a physical safe place to store the packages. Package Vault provides the best product to meet this need. Keeping packages safe is what we do best.

75% of packages are stolen during the day when homeowners are at work

We all work and we need our packages to be safe while we are away!

The majority of Packages are Stolen during the day when homeowners are away.

Why Choose us?

We believe you should have packages delivered with peace of mind. We work hard to keep your packages safe and secure. Order online with confidence knowing Package Vault will keep your items safe. The leading solution for home delivery storage & security dedicated to working for you. 

What do the professionals say?

If you work in the security sector or for a delivery carrier send us your feedback

Package Vault is a really cool idea that can really help!

Package theft is a worry for us all. I'm happy to use this product to help keep the customer's packages safe.

I know so many people who have had packages stolen. Great to see an easy way to help stop it.

I think homeowners can really benefit by using Package Vault solutions. Keeping packages out of sight can really diminish the threat.

I have investigated so many package theft crimes its good to see companies out there trying to help stop this epidemic!

I always try to place packages out of sight to help prevent package theft. Now with Package Vault I can place it inside where it will be safe and sound.