5 Things you can do to prevent Package Theft

5 things you can do to prevent Package Theft

Order Tracking

Most delivery companies offer a tracking option for your package. If you order items online from sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon, you can request a tracking number or code. You can enter the code on the company’s website to trace the package en route to your house. You may even be able to sign up for email or text notifications.

Add Package Vault to Your Porch

Most packages are stolen because they can be seen from thieves walking or driving by. To prevent use a Package Vault storage solution that securely stores your deliveries until you are ready to pick them up. Package Vault comes with signs to communicate to the delivery driver where to place your packages. Also you can leave delivery instructions on most orders. There will either be a specific field or use the address line 2 to communicate place in Package Vault storage box. This solution is lockable and comes with a code that can be customized.

 Delivery Scheduling

Many delivery companies like UPS will give you options for scheduling a package delivery. For instance, if you work all week, you may be able to pay a little extra to have the item sent to your home over the weekend. Other companies offer night deliveries. If your schedule is all over the place, you may even be able to request a specific window of time during which the package will be delivered.

Ask for a Signature Delivery

If you have a adult family member that is at home during the day, then you can ask the delivery service carrier to require a signature before handing off the package. This way there is documentation of both the written transaction and an actual delivery of the item. Since a Blink camera system is installed on your front porch, you can verify via an app on your phone that the postman delivered the box and someone living in your home received it.


 Use these strategies to help prevent package theft because they reduce the risk of someone stealing your packages. Homeowners need to be aware of the threat and what solutions are available. The worse option is to do nothing and let risk and life take its course. Take action and be prepared with Package Vault on your side.

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