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Package Vault

Package Vault- Robust Delivery Storage with Smart Bluetooth & RFID Lock, mobile phone App ready access control (Package Theft Prevention Solution)

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  • INCREASES YOUR SECURITY: Keep your packages out of sight and Locked up! Package Vault stores and locks up your packages until you are ready to pick them up from your home
  • SMART Bluetooth & RFID Lock works with Phone App TTLock and can alert you when the Package Vault is opened or closed via Lock status, Check the status remotely on your phone within Bluetooth range or use a Wifi gateway to get the status anytime and anywhere; battery powered
  • DURABLE and STRONG + WEATHER RESISTANT. Made with Polypropylene and enhanced structurally to be strengthened with cross members and reinforcing corner brackets. Designed to keep precipitation out with a elongated lid and angled curves keeping your packages dry!
  • ELEGANT, MODERN, and SPACIOUS DESIGN: Sleek and savvy design utilizing efficient industrial design with sharp angles that will turn heads and will look beautiful in front of your house. Excellent storage space holding several common package box sizes
  • EASY STARTER KIT Comes with everything you need to help safeguard your packages: 1 Package Vault Delivery Box, 1 Smart Bluetooth RFID Lock, 1 "Deliver Here" Sign, 1 Doorbell Sign, 2 Corner Anchors to hold this puppy down. Ready set go keep your packages safe!

    100 Day Worry Free Return Policy! Return for any reason.

    Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started (The Complete Package Theft Prevention Solution):

    • 1 Qty Package Vault Delivery box
    • 1 Qty Doorbell Sign
    • 1 QTY "Deliver Here" Sign
    • 1 Qty Bluetooth RFID Electronic Lock (customize your own code via App)
    • 2 Qty Anchor Brackets to secure the Package Vault


    1. Keep your packages safe

    Keep your packages safe and Porch Pirates away!

    Package Theft is usually an opportunity crime and Package Vault can help securely store your packages out of sight. Easy to set up in 20 minutes with a straight forward design.

    Don't be another statistic; get protected today!

    Designate your Package Vault as your preferred delivery location by using delivery instructions or 2nd address line. Delivery driver reads your instructions and places your packages inside the open Package Vault. They then close the lid, and lock the electronic lock. Retrieve your packages by entering in your code into the lock; open and enjoy your items :-)

    2. Product Details

    100 Day Worry Free Return Policy! Return for any reason.

    Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started (The Complete Package Theft Prevention Solution)

    Product Dimensions

    Size: 24 L X 24 W X 30 H 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Amanda Maren
      Worked for the front of my House

      I have a small front porch and this just fit nicely in between the columns. Hides the packages from the teenagers who walk by on the way too school.

      Jess Hubb
      Love the App

      I bought the Bluetooth App Package Vault and love the ability to open the lock with my phone. Soo Cool.

      Mitch Rugg
      Excellent Solution

      I've been pretty happy with my Package Vault for well over a year now. It has been keeping my packages from blowing away in the strong storms I get.

      Muddy Waters
      Holds all my deliveries

      I get like 3 deliveries a day and this baby can hold them

      Ruben Gyago
      Solid like a Rock

      Once I bolted the Package Vault Down with the corner anchors it would not even move an inch. Highly recommend doing that to make sure it stays in one place.

      Package Vault is Shipping with 1 day lead times

      – Keeping Your Packages Safe