The impact of package theft on homeowners across America

11 Million U.S. Households have had a package stolen within the last year. This is an amazing number of people who have had a crime affect their life and that is not right.

The average value of the a package stolen was $200 dollars.

Some deliveries are way higher and some were less but not matter the cost the impact is just a bad. What can you buy for two hundred dollars? There is a huge hassle when a package is stolen and a loss of confidence in the system. There has to be a way to keep this from happening.

Package theft is a big concern for the majority of homeowners

Over 53% are worried about the packages left on their doorstep might be stolen.

These homeowners are right as more and more people get deliveries the number of available packages to steal grows. Amazon has made an empire out of making it easy to buy what you want and need online with just one click. 

Over 75% of package theft occurs during the day when homeowners are away working or running errands. This is a stunning statistic because it is the opposite of what we normally would think. Crime happens at night right? Contrary to this is the fact that the crime happens when we are away from our house and unable to pickup or receive our delivery. 

80% of Americans now shop online

The number of deliveries to Americans have been increasing year over year. More packages means more opportunities for package thieves.

80% of Americans now shop online and over 39% of U.S. homeowners get a delivery once a month.

Over 30 million packages are delivered by FedEx and UPS during the holiday season.

More packages means more opportunities for package thieves and as they find easy targets they continue and continue.

The holiday season

 The holiday season always brings more shopping and more package deliveries. With this always brings more thefts because the bad guys know this is an easy time of the year to take advantage.

Police departments caution that theft and property crimes greatly increase during the Holidays.

The majority of Americans 70% expect to receive a package delivery during the holidays. Busy schedules and travel means more packages are left unprotected outside.

Package thieves know these facts and take advantage of the opportunity. 

The Holiday season should be enjoyed with family and friends and not filling out a police report

Victims of Package Theft are Everywhere

What happens after the painful experience of package theft. Well we obviously try to prevent it from happening of course. Homeowners sent the delivery to their workplace, stayed home for the delivery, had the delivery sent to another family member, sent the delivery to a shipping store or a holding facility for pickup, left a delivery note on where to hide the package, and left work early to get the package. All these options are good ways to help prevent package theft. Just one problem they require extra work for the homeowner to go out of their way. One easy option is to let a Package Vault storage box do the hard work for you. It safely stores your packages until you are ready to pick them up. Piece of mind when shopping online that the package can be delivered anytime and not worry. You can be at work, at the gym, or anywhere and have your items safe and waiting for you to pick them up from your front porch.

All this can be prevented

All this can be prevented with a little change and Package Vault is there to make it happen.

We are there when you are away always keeping your packages safe!

That is our mission because package theft happened to us and we are on your side.

Check out our product page to see what solution is right for you to keep your packages and mail safe.

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