The victims of Package Theft tried several options to prevent the crime from happening again.

26 Million Americans have had a Package Stolen

A large amount of Americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them, over 25.9 million in 2017 according to a new insuranceQuotes report. Package thieves are taking advantage of online shopping’s growing popularity and swiping deliveries from front porches and mailboxes before the shoppers are able to pickup their items.

To most people the holiday season is typically a joyous time for gatherings with family and friends, this busy time of year also poses a problem for online shoppers. How do they get everything they need and at the same time worry about package theft. What happens if the theft occurs? Good news is that homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies typically cover these types of claims, but only up to a certain amount. Check your insurance the deductible is sometimes higher than the claim would be so the homeowner is at a loss.

Faces of Package Theft

“The holidays are a great time, but all the commotion and celebrating can sometimes cause people to forget about their package deliveries and that means leaving them on the doorstep for too long of a period. Another issue occurs when people go on a trip or vacation and the deliveries pile up. This is an easy target for thieves who are primarily steal because of an easy opportunity. Large piles of packages are a green light to take what is not theirs. 

 What can people do to reduce the risk of having their gifts stolen? The first easy option is to have the package delivered to your work. Major carriers also offer pickup from storage lockers or from a shipping store. For instance UPS allows you to have your packages shipped to a local UPS store and then it can be picked up at your convenience.

A newer popular option is to buy a package storage container like Package Vault. This solution safely stores the packages and prevents thieves from stealing them. The packages safely wait for you to pick them up. Another feature is it keeps the packages out of sight from the thieves. Criminals look for easy targets so by simply keeping the items out of sight you can greatly reduce the risk. Package Vault has pretty low costs around 119 to 149 dollars. So buying this item is a good investment considering the average cost of packages delivered monthly to a suburban home is around 221 dollars.


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