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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Package Vault protect my packages?

Package Vault is a secure storage box that holds the delivered items until you take them out. Most package theft is an opportunity crime meaning the packages are easy to see and take. By using Package Vault you greatly reduce this threat. The thief will move on to easier places where Package Vault is not used.

Will the carrier follow the request to use Package Vault?

We have surveyed every major carrier and all say they will follow the delivery instructions. Our customer experiences tell us they do use it. Some employees may make a mistake and not use the system properly. Also some delivery items are to large or bulky. Other than that you should find the system adopted and used on a regular basis.

Can I secure my Package Vault to the ground or wall?

Yes in fact we recommend that you do in the install instructions. Package Vault is made to be lite but strong. So to avoid movement two 50 pound sand bags can be used to secure. Another option is to use fasteners to connect it to a floor surface or wall. Please utilize you local hardware store on the best hardware since each surface and situation will vary.

How can I track my orders?

We recommend you use 17 Track for tracking your orders because we use a variety of carriers. 


Will this work with BoxLock?

Yes absolutely. Package Vault is designed to be compatible with BoxLock. We do include a manual combo lock that can be used as well. 

Is Package Vault waterproof from the rain?

Package Vault is designed to keep packages dry against normal rain or other elements. Water will run off to the side.

Does the Carrier generate the package notification or is it triggered by opening the Package Vault?

The WiFi sensor is triggered when opening and closing. It’s based upon a connection between the two sides of the sensor being together or apart. A notification is sent to the App for both a open or closed position.
Does it come pre-assembled?
This item does not come pre-assembled. It is a kit that takes on average 15 minutes to setup. All snap in fit designed to make it quicker and easier.

How is the delivery company notified of combination code to open locker, especially if you get multiple deliveries per day?

The delivery company is notified by the delivery instructions or the second address line. When you checkout online just add the comments "Place in Package Vault, Code: ____" This shows up on their scanner and paperwork when they deliver your package. You can also have this as a default by setting up your address info with your favorite retailer. For instance Amazon under your account you can edit your address and add this info. Then the delivery instructions will be present every time you order automatically. The same goes for the delivery companies like UPS and FedEx please click here  for step by step instructions. This process allows for multiple deliveries by different carriers and retailers. 

 Is it possible to tether to a fence or wall via a cable?

Yes it is possible. Package Vault does not have a tether connection or holes to string through in its shipped state. Customers have drilled holes on their own to each side and strung a cable through to tether to a fence or railing. 
Any other questions please shoot us an email: Customer.Service@PackageVault.com