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Robust Patio, Porch, and Deck Storage Box for Outdoor Home & Garden use with Smart Bluetooth Lock, mobile phone App ready access control

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  • SMART Bluetooth & RFID Lock works with Phone App TTLock and can alert you when opened or closed via Lock status, Check the status remotely on your phone within bluetooth range or use a wifi gateway to get the status anytime and anywhere; battery powered
  • GREAT STORAGE: Perfect place to store outdoor items like Tools, Electronics, Toys, Pool accessories, Towels, and other Valuables
  • INCREASES YOUR SECURITY: Keep your valuables out of sight and Locked up! Stores and locks up your items. ROBUST Corner Anchoring system for securing to multiple surfaces.
  • STRONG + WEATHER RESISTANT-All weather Polypropylene material enhanced structurally to be strengthened with crossmembers and reinforced corner connections. Designed to keep precipitation out with a elongated lid and angled curves keeping your items dry!
  • ELEGANT, MODERN, and SPACIOUS DESIGN: Sleek and savvy design utilizing efficient industrial design with sharp angles that will turn heads and will look beautiful at your house.
1. Keep your packages safe

Keep your packages safe and Porch Pirates away!

Package Theft is usually an opportunity crime and Package Vault can help securely store your packages out of sight. Easy to set up in 20 minutes with a straight forward design.

Don't be another statistic; get protected today!

Designate your Package Vault as your preferred delivery location by using delivery instructions or 2nd address line. Delivery driver reads your instructions and places your packages inside the open Package Vault. They then close the lid, and lock the electronic lock. Retrieve your packages by entering in your code into the lock; open and enjoy your items :-)

2. Product Details

100 Day Worry Free Return Policy! Return for any reason.

Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started (The Complete Package Theft Prevention Solution)

Product Dimensions

Size: 24 L X 24 W X 30 H 

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Package Vault is Shipping with 1 day lead times

– Keeping Your Packages Safe